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Australian writer, environmental activist, hang-gliding assistant & former sailor, journalist & clown. Debut poetry collection available now.

Why do U.S. elections matter to the rest of the world?

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Will the U.S. election results affect me personally? Many have told me it will make no difference to my life. So why did I drink and watch the news for three days straight? Here in Australia, I am one of the few obsessed with American politics, while most seem largely indifferent.

Apart from the excitement of the first Black president, and the novelty factor of the first orange one, Australians generally have little interest in who’s in charge over there.

Fair enough, I suppose. It’s probably a positive trend in modern Australia that we’re far more concerned about our own…

What if?

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What if I woke up and the nightmares were over? If I could turn on the news just to hear about a car accident, my heart would float away with the clouds. What if all the baseless hate melted into the soil to be transformed by micro-organisms, watered by rain, warmed by dawn, until it grew into a radiant love which stretched tall, reaching for the sky like a sunflower. What if you saw the flower and gasped, remembering the first time you noticed the beauty of existence, when you were a child and you knew what was true. What…

A story from the future

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I dreamt about a bird. I had to keep it until it was time for cooking. It sat on my chest, wrapped in a tea towel, as I lay on a couch and felt its bones and feathers rustle beneath my fingers. Eventually it became quiet and we slept together through the heat of the day.

When I woke, my hands still gently trapped the bird, but I sensed it trusted me now. Suddenly I realised she was female and she understood me. I imagined a mouth sucking the meat from those bones. Although I knew it wouldn’t be my…

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