“That’s uncommon”

I don’t know if it’s uncommon, but it should never happen. From a link in my original story:

“The IPA adopts a position of doubt about climate change and finances several Australian climate change science doubters.

In 2008, the institute facilitated a donation of $350,000 by Dr G. Bryant Macfie, a climate change denier, to the University of Queensland for environmental research. The money was to fund three environmental doctoral projects, with the IPA suggesting two of the three agreed topics.”

“It was common practice among some Native American tribes to set massive wildfires

Australian Aboriginal people also set fires and they were part of ecosystems that thrived on this continent for at least 60,000 years. This is very different to altering the make-up of the Earth’s atmosphere too quickly for species to adapt and thereby causing mass extinctions around the globe.

Previous attacks on the biosphere were not preventable and deliberate. We need to be honest about what we’re doing to the planet so we can choose a better future.

Australian writer, environmental activist, hang-gliding assistant & former sailor, journalist & clown. Debut poetry collection available now. www.emmabriggs.net

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