The wrong side of history

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There is a man who’s dying,

of cancer in his lungs.

His life has not been easy.

His life will not been long.

Abused for his beliefs

in the nation of his birth,

he left his wife and kids

to find for them a life.

He tried to cross the ocean

but was caught by ‘Border Force.

For five years he worked

as a prisoner on an island,

building dreams and houses

as long as he was able,

until the cancer won

and he needed full-time care.

Now his death is close

and there is no more hope

for him ever to be free

or see his family again.

All he wants when he dies

is to have his language spoken,

his religion honoured

and proper medical care.

How could they deny this

after causing so much pain?

After all this suffering,

who could ever be so cruel?

It’s the leaders of Australia,

my country and my shame.

Australian writer, environmental activist, hang-gliding assistant & former sailor, journalist & clown. Debut poetry collection available now.

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