Why should I put down my phone?

When the noise stops the words can begin.

When work is over creation can start.

When distractions fade ideas can be born.

After gathering information it needs to be processed.

After hearing opinions they need to be sorted.

After listening must come understanding.

The truth can’t be found in yells for attention.

The truth cannot be sold with advertising space.

The truth is inside the dark silence of your mind.

Sometimes we need to be completely alone.

Sometimes we need to be bored, with no stimulation.

Sometimes we need to work it out for ourselves.

Spend an hour exploring your thoughts.

Spend some minutes amusing yourself.

Spend quality time with your brain.

Everybody has a unique experience.

Every human lives their own life.

Everyone’s questions are different.

No-one can tell you what’s best for you.

Nobody knows you as well as you do.

No answers are worth more than your own.

Australian writer, environmental activist, hang-gliding assistant & former sailor, journalist & clown. Debut poetry collection available now. www.emmabriggs.net

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